2nd International Workshop
on Understanding Human Activities
through 3D Sensors (UHA3DS'16)

December 4, 2016 Cancun, Mexico
hosted by 23rd International Conference on Pattern Recognition ICPR 2016


9:00-9:15: Welcome and Opening (Room Cozumel 1)

09:15-09:55: Keynote Speaker

09:15-09:55:  Human behavior understanding & 3D data, Rita Cucchiara, Università di Modena e Reggio EMilia, Italy ppt

10:00-10:30: Coffee Break

10:30-12:10: Oral Session I (Chair: H. Wannous)

10:30-10:50:  Anomalous human behavior detection using a network of RGB-D sensors (Nicola Mosca, Vito Renò, Roberto Marani, Massimiliano Nitti, Fabio Martino, Tiziana D'Orazio and Ettore Stella), ppt

10:50-11:10: Learning Gait Parameters for Locomotion in Virtual Reality Systems (Jingbo Zhao and Robert Allison) ppt

11:10-11:30: Deep Head Pose Estimation from Depth Data for In-car Automotive Applications (Guido Borghi, Roberto Vezzani, Rita Cucchiara and Marco Venturelli) ppt video

11:30-11:50: 3D Hand Gesture Recognition by Analysing of Set-of-Joint Trajectories (Quentin De Smedt, Hazem Wannous and Jean-Philippe Vandeborre) ppt

11:50-12:10: A Large Scale RGB-D Dataset for Action Recognition (Jing Zhang, Wanqing Li, Pichao Wang, Philip Ogunbona, Song Liu and Chang Tang) ppt

12:10-14:00: Lunch break

14:00-15:20: Oral Session II (Chair: Rita Cucchiara)

14:00-14:20: Cognitive behaviour analysis based on facial information using depth sensors (Juan Manuel Fernandez Montenegro, Barbara Villarini, Athanasios Gkelias and Vasileios Argyriou) ppt

14:20-14:40: Long Term Person Re-Identification from Depth Cameras using Facial and Skeleton Data (Enrico Bondi, Pietro Pala, Lorenzo Seidenari, Stefano Berretti and Alberto Del Bimbo) ppt

14:40-15:00: RGB-D based tracking of complex objects (Alejandro Perez-Yus, Luis Puig, Gonzalo Lopez-Nicolas, Jose J Guerrero, and Dieter Fox) ppt

15:00-15:20: Conversational Agent Module for French Sign Language using Kinect Sensor (Taha Ridene, Thomas Poulet and Victor Haffreingue) ppt video

15:20: Closing